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6-28 APRIL 2011

In April 2011 the Mystetskyi Arsenal announces the beginning of the International Week of Contemporary Art with a scale project "Space Odyssey 2011". The project, сurated by Aleksandr Soloviov, includes not only the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian and foreign artists, but also an exposition of space artifacts, a film program, and numerous educational events and forums.  

The "Space Odyssey 2011" summarizes the efforts of a man as creator to understand his place in the universe, get the Creation chaos organized, and broaden his outlook boundaries by looking into the future. It is in opposition to the equally eternal chaos category, that the project aims to focus on a man’s efforts to logically organize the human reality by artistic means, in other words to mythologize and aesthetically idealize his existence. The idea of the project resonates with Aristotle's maxim: space as "the greatest work of art". The project appeals not only to the Man within the Universe, but also to the inward man, which resembles "microcosm". Space as a myth, universe, dream, journey, anticipation, another reality: the theme of the project suggests the participants the widest range of opportunities for their own interpretations and also deals with a range from cosmogony to futurism.

Among the incentives of the project is also the problem of relationship between art, philosophy and science, including "space" as a metaphor for a scientific model. James Joyce was most precise on the man’s space perception: "It’s a chaosmos, a mixture of an irrational feeling and order, which are dictated by the knowledge". Therefore, the project combines the artistic component with scientific documents and amazing artifacts from profile museums, which, in the course of becoming a part of the context of the new museum complex Arsenal, will be subject of a creative excursion into the history of human’s comprehension of the cosmos.

The project consists of works that had been created by modern Ukrainian and foreign artists during the last quarter of the century, and also presents new works of artists that were specifically created for the "Space Odyssey 2011". In addition to paintings and photos the project will be concerned with new media, which the development of contemporary art is impossible without. A variety of video and laser projections, kinetic sculpture, etc. will be presented, emphasizing that the connection between artists and technology is an integral part of modern day.


Starting from 1 February 2011 within the "Space Odyssey 2011" project children drawing contest "Space Odyssey"continues on topics: 

Earth from Space 

Flight to the Moon 

My Space friend 
Participants can be schoolchildren aged 6 to 14 years. 
The winners will receive certificates and prizes. 
The best works will be exhibited in a special exhibition of the International Week of Contemporary Art "Space Odyssey 2011". 
- Charitable Foundation "Mystetskyi Arsenal" 
- National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" 
- National Space Agency of Ukraine 
The competition is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. 
We invite everyone to participate! 


ART-KYIV contemporary 2011

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Davıd Elliott is a curator and writer who has directed some of the most innovatory and dynamic museums of modern and contemporary art worldwide. He is presently advising on the development of a new contemporary arts hub for the former Police Station, Prison and Courts, a heritage site in the centre of Hong Kong. Herzog & de Meuron are the supervising architects.

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Friends Club

February, 17 during the opening of a Great Sculpture Exhibition, CharitableFoundation “Mystetskyi Arsenal” announced the opening of the Mystetskyi Arsenal Friends Club.

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