НЕЗАЛЕЖНІndependent 1991-2011

"NEZALEZHNIndependent 1991-2011"

Art project "NEZALEZHNIndependent 1991-2011" - the first large scale attempt to describe the phenomenon of modern Ukrainian art, which was born with a new country.

The exhibition project "NEZALEZHNIndependent 1991-2011" will be based on certain blocks, each of which will characterize the through phenomenon of Ukrainian contemporary art that emerged during the experiment and search by Ukrainian artists for the new visual language and issues for two decades.

The objective of project "NEZALEZHNIndependent 1991-2011" is to form an entire picture of the new Ukrainian art. The exhibition will present all its characteristic types, genres and technologies. Much attention will be given to photo and video documentation of the events of 1991-2011 because many artistic works, events, performances have been preserved only in the form of documents that have already become an important part of history.

About 120 authors will take part in the project.

The total exhibition area will be about 16 000 sq.m.

The "NEZALEZHNIndependent 1991-2011" project will raise important questions about museumification of Ukrainian contemporary art and creation of its complete collection.

A separate and especially important part of the project will be publishing an anthology of Ukrainian contemporary art.

The "NEZALEZhNIndependent 1991-2011"  project opens phenomenon of Ukrainian contemporary art to the world and assist in the establishment of Ukraine as a progressive European nation that does not keep aside from the global trends in art.


NCAMC "Mystetskyi Arsenal"

CF "Mystetskyi Arsenal"



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from 23 August to 11 September 2011

Kyiv, Lavrska str. 12, Mystetskyi Arsenal

Check photos from the opening in Gallery


ART-KYIV contemporary 2011

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Davıd Elliott is a curator and writer who has directed some of the most innovatory and dynamic museums of modern and contemporary art worldwide. He is presently advising on the development of a new contemporary arts hub for the former Police Station, Prison and Courts, a heritage site in the centre of Hong Kong. Herzog & de Meuron are the supervising architects.

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Friends Club

February, 17 during the opening of a Great Sculpture Exhibition, CharitableFoundation “Mystetskyi Arsenal” announced the opening of the Mystetskyi Arsenal Friends Club.

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